E2 Mfg.

Shoptech has had a shop software package that has been its flagship for a number of years and has traditionally been designed and utilized for small shops. Their E2 Mfg. package that has been developed in recent years is a great entry level but full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that offers control over advanced work orders, scheduling tools, quality control, data collection and more, all in one place. This allows you to eliminate waste and make your entire business more organized and efficient. E2 is also QuickBooks Gold Certified, meaning a seamless and easy integration between the two programs. E2 can be a great solution in numerous situations for companies of all sizes.

Our Supply Chain & IT Systems group has successfully implemented E2 and worked on many ERP projects, allowing us to have the skills and knowledge needed to guide and assist you in virtually any company environment. Additionally, we have integrated automation advances throughout all the extended supply chain. This can involve forecasting, "quote to cash," and successful manufacturing module implementations for the entire system. This software maximizes the utilization of not only information technology, but operational efficiency as well. If you are considering a full-service solution, E2 Mfg. is good choice for an entry level ERP system that will instantly elevate your company. Whether you are a large or small organization, we provide customized expert advice and guidance through these processes.

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