IQMS is a good entry level ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. This solution is very popular and had its beginning in the plastics industry and then later evolved into a wider application for manufacturers. It allows manufacturers to monitor, track, trace and communicate business and manufacturing activities and data throughout the supply chain. IQMS is a scalable, modular architecture which provides manufacturers the flexibility to take advantage of more advanced ERP software features and functionality.

Pragmatic’s Supply Chain & IT Systems consultants have extensive experience in the Plastics Industry and many others and has successfully implemented many ERP projects and other types of systems and sub-system solutions. Additionally, we have successfully integrated automation advances in many of our implementations throughout all the extended supply chain from forecasting and "quoting to cash" and beyond. This has also included successful manufacturing module implementations, warehouse management systems and integration among other improvement in not just information technology but operational efficiencies. If you are considering a full-service solution, IQMS should be on your list and is a viable solution in many cases. Indeed, we have put together cross functional teams that incorporate "Lean" techniques as well throughout the entire enterprise for maximum optimization. Whether you are a large or small organization, we provide customized expert advice and guidance through these processes to maximize success. This, coupled with our broad breadth of Information Technology expertise, is something hard to find in the over-specialized consulting world.

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