Epicor - Kinetic & Profit21

Our Supply Chain & IT Systems experts have extensive experience successfully implementing Epicor and many related ERP projects. This includes many years of evolving with the software product from the days of the Vantage software to the latest versions including Kinetic and Profit21, as well as several sub-system related systems solutions. Pragmatic’s team works with the customer to utilize our experience having completed nearly 100 ERP implementations. Additionally, we have successfully integrated:

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
    • Planning and Scheduling
  • Bar Coding
  • CRM
  • DocStar
    • And other add-ons!
  • Engineering
    • BOM
    • Rev Control and More
  • Financial
    • All Financial Modules
    • Single and Multi-site
    • Multiple Company
  • Inventory
    • Including Warehouse Managment
    • Multi Warehouse
  • Shop Floor Control
    • Rootings
    • Resources
    • Capacity Planning
    • Outside Operations and More
  • Quality
    • Standard
    • Advanced Quality Module

This has been performed to get the most out of your investment with a “Total Systems” approach throughout the extended supply chain from forecasting and "quoting to cash" and beyond. Thus, whether it be planning and scheduling, MES module, warehouse management systems and integration from “point of sale”, Pragmatic has the expert team to help you improve in not just information technology but your operation and entire business effectively. If you are considering a full-service solution, Epicor should be on your list and is a viable solution in many cases. Indeed, we have put together cross functional teams that incorporate "Lean" techniques as well as throughout the entire enterprise for maximum optimization. Whether you are a large or small organization, we provide customized expert advice and guidance through these processes to maximize success. This, coupled with our broad breadth of manufacturing and distribution expertise is something hard to find in the over-specialized consulting world.

Epicor is a state of the art fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for running a wide range of businesses. Its latest version 10.7, and now Kinetic as well as Profit21 for distribution companies, are an excellent, fully integrated ERP solution with enhanced features, particularly around its cloud capability. This is a very good middle market software solution that can be Lan or Cloud based, SaaS, and hosted. It possesses a full host of features required to run a fully integrated solution for your company.

For more information on our Epicor services, please visit our contact page.